Rick Canning: Head Coach

Rick started coaching athletes very early in life while competing in the sport of canoe/kayak until the age of 18 when he decided to pursue a career in engineering. He graduated from Dalhousie and is now working as a bridge engineer for a large consulting firm. During this time Rick found that his health and happiness was suffering and decided that he needed to do something about it. With the help of his wife the couple has completely revamped their lifestyle and eating habits. In less than a year and a half Rick went from having severe lack of energy and drive to running his first half marathon, full marathon, 50k and 50 mile races. In 2018 Rick was selected to be a runner for Altra. Rick is currently training for a sub-3hr marathon in Fredericton in May, and then, will tackle a 50 mile ultra marathon Vermont.

To allow himself to help others around him, Rick pursued a Marathon coaching designation from NAASFP. During this time he also inspired healthy lifestyle changes in his family, friends, co-workers and athletes through leading by example and showing the people around him what the possibilities are when you take care of yourself. Most notably Rick has coached two separate athletes to  sub 3hr marathon finishes during their first marathon races and has fostered healthy lifestyle changes in his parents allowing his father to drastically reduce his diabetes and blood pressure medication through coaching him to make sustainable health lifestyle changes.

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