Amanda McNeil: Health Coach

Hello there! I’m Amanda.

I’m a coach, runner, wellness enthusiast, plant based cook and crazy dog lover.

My favourite thing to do is go camping and enjoy the quiet of being in outside surrounded by nothing but trees. Going to bed and getting up with the sun, trail running every day.

I’ve been on a crazy journey over the last 3 years. It started with adopting a plant based diet. Once I started thinking about what we eat and seeing what affect it was having on me and on the world around us I started getting more in touch with myself and my surroundings. I remembered how important it is to be in touch with the environment and spend time in nature. Most importantly, I have more energy and I am excited for every day.

The diet change was the start of the journey. I took up biking and running again, things I had loved in the past, but stopped doing as life got too busy. I discovered trail running, the best way to go running is to do it in the woods without a stoplight or car for miles!

Oh, did I forget to mention I’m also a professional engineer. I’ve worked my way up the corporate ladder, managed multi million dollar construction projects, and designed regulatory programs and safety programs. That sounds exciting, right? You would think I take myself pretty seriously with jobs like that.

Well, the truth is when I was working so hard I didn’t have time to think about anything else (which was most of the time), I always felt like something was missing.

I found myself exhausted all the time, overweight, and most importantly I wasn’t waking up excited to tackle my day any more. Something just wasn’t right; I had forgot who I was at some point in the hustle and bustle of life.

Now I am over 20 lbs lighter, adventuring every chance I get, and working just as hard as before but with more of a purpose.

That purpose is to live life to its fullest and share that with everyone around me.

I am a certified Health Coach through Real Balance Global Wellness, and am currently studying aromatherapy and herbal medicine. I also have a Bachelors Degree in Engineering.

Life is an adventure, and you can love every second of it.