Furiously Frosty Morning Fun Time – Winter Group 2018

When: Jan-May, Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at 5:30-7:00 am.

Where: Meet at the common’s (location may vary due to weather etc.) If weather is suspect location/time will be confirmed the night before.

What: A morning group that gets together twice a week to push your limits, the group is open to runners of all abilities. There are two options for how to participate:

Note: Athletes are not required to attend the morning workouts, and plans and coaching are still available at the prices listed below. You should check to see if your employer will cover some of the costs through your health and wellness program at work you have one.

Option 1 Group Program: $50/month – You will receive a full workout plan. Workouts will be provided on a weekly basis. Athlete plans will be grouped by goals and abilities. Athletes will fill out weekly training logs. Training files will be analyzed monthly with coaching support/feedback provided via email/strava or on location for questions about your workouts.

Option 2 Custom program: $125/month – Includes an assessment phone call to develop you a fully customized plan with all workouts to get you through to spring. Workouts will be provided on a weekly basis. Athletes will fill out weekly training logs, and  training files will be analyzed monthly. Also includes a monthly one on one meeting to review your training metrics and make adjustments to your plan to make sure you are training optimally. Weekly coaching support provided via email/strava and on location for the workouts.

*Note athletes will be responsible for running their own workouts so a programable watch or stop watch is recommended.

Why? Training through the winter for an early spring race in Nova Scotia is just plain hard. The weather is cold, its dark and sometimes it’s just hard to get out the door in the morning let alone push yourself through a hard speed workout. Having a group of like-minded dedicated people who come together with structured workouts can help you push to new levels through the darkest of days. Let’s make this winter count.