Wascally Wabbit 82k Race Report and Beyond

Yes… I know this is overdue, but Ive been BUSY! Preface For some reason or another this racing season I wanted to test the limits of my body both mentally and physically by signing up for a string of races, … Read More

Letting Go of the Outcome to Maximize Your Training and Race Performance

Letting go of the Outcome Letting go of the outcome to train and race at a higher level. It seems counterintuitive but if you have read my post Its all in your head: Mental Toughness and Body Awareness then you will start … Read More

It’s all in your head: Mental Toughness and Body Awareness

It’s all in your Head We’ve all heard the expression distance running is 90% mental. So what exactly does that mean?  it means that running your beast race comes down to mental toughness and body awearness. Well I am going … Read More

2016: Success or Failure, It’s a Matter of Perspective

By all accounts my racing season in 2016 did not go well. I failed to meet all of my major goals. I did not qualify for the Boston Marathon, I blew up completely at the Brookvale 50k, and I DNF’d … Read More