Roots: Issue 1

Roots: Grounding your running, mindfulness, health and wellness ISSUE 1   As we embark on the journey that is a new year, I always think it is important to take the time to think about what we want to accomplish. … Read More

Cape Chignecto Triple Looper

Im going to warn you up front… this is a long one, but hey it took me almost 35 hrs to run it so I have a lot to say! And just so we are clear, this was not a … Read More

Wascally Wabbit 82k Race Report and Beyond

Yes… I know this is overdue, but Ive been BUSY! Preface For some reason or another this racing season I wanted to test the limits of my body both mentally and physically by signing up for a string of races, … Read More

Fredericton Marathon: Race Report

The Day Before the Race The Drive All packed and ready for the 4 hour drive to Fredericton. I had pre-made all my meals for the weekend. Vegan Pad Thai for lunch and supper and Oatmeal with Peanut Butter, Maple … Read More

2016: Success or Failure, It’s a Matter of Perspective

By all accounts my racing season in 2016 did not go well. I failed to meet all of my major goals. I did not qualify for the Boston Marathon, I blew up completely at the Brookvale 50k, and I DNF’d … Read More

Bromont 100: Race Report

Bromont 100 October 8th, 2016: Race Report The night before the race I was feeling pretty calm and relaxed. I got to bed relatively early around 9pm and got more sleep than expected waking up around 4am. I had a … Read More