Troy P.

Age: 40
Home: Halifax, NS

About me

I had a sedentary lifestyle for a while, and was morbidly obese in my teens, physical activity was rarely a part of my routine, until about a year ago.

Why do I run?

I began running because I was looking for a moderate physical activity that would allow me to fend off the onset of diabetes and early dementia, both of which I was weary of.

After running with a group on a weekly, then bi-weekly basis, I started signing up for races, with increasing distances. I was, and still am, extremely curious about how far I can push this.

Running History

2016: MEC Race #4: 15k 1:21:12

2016: MEC Race #5: 21.1k 2:14:53

2017: Moose Run: 25k 2:53:51

2017::Blue Nose Marathon 5:38:51

Road or Trails?

Roads, I still have to run trails regularly to feel confident on them.


2017 Main goals:

Blue Nose Marathon: completion, emphasis on injury prevention during training and the race itself.

MEC Races #3 and #5: under 2:08:00

MEC Race #4: under 1:18:00

Future Goals:

Complete another marathon in 2018, train through the winter with a focus, again, on injury prevention.

Why New Leaf Endurance (NLE)?

I had the opportunity to practice hill training one-on-one with Rick one afternoon, and I was stunned by the accuracy and benefits of his tips. After signing up for the Blue Nose as a New Year’s resolution, I knew I needed help, and Rick seemed the perfect choice.

I enjoy the focused coaching, his listening to my concerns and questions, and addressing my priorities in the plan he gave me. As a result, I was able to train in a way that was challenging, yet not damaging to my body. He pushed me hard enough to build a lot of endurance, and his training plan was very clear and easy to follow.

On the morning of the race, I had zero stress at the starting line, because I truly felt prepared, and that made the race really enjoyable !


Current NLE Training Plan?

Custom Marathon Training Plan.

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