Running Coaches In Halifax

As running coaches in Halifax, we coach the whole athlete.

We get to know you, your goals, what makes you tick and what obstacles you face. We then create a custom training plan incorporating all of this information. We then provide expert support through 1 on 1 coaching sessions and emails. You can email us with your training questions, and we will email you with feedback in between coaching sessions. As race day nears we will help prepare to have your best experience and performance.

We firmly believe that in order to perform at your best you have to take care of yourself. We have two main areas which we focus on aside from the running. Self care and mental toughness.

To get the most out of your body you have to take care of it and treat it with respect. It makes sense right?  We help you optimize you nutrition/hydration and fuelling. Provide coaching to help you recover faster from workouts and to help you incorporate an injury prevention and maintenance plan.

To perform at your best you have to get your head right. Weather it is trying to find the will to keep pushing at 110% on race day when every once of your body is telling you are finished or you find yourself struggling during workouts. It all starts in your head. We provide coaching to help you become mentally tough.

When it all comes together, we help you remove your perceived limitations to accomplish your goals, weather your running your first 5k, trying to get that Boston qualifying marathon or tackling a 100 mile ultra.