New Leaf Endurance offers running coaching in Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada.

We offer running coaching in Halifax to help you meet your fitness goals and make healthy lifestyle changes to enhance your performance no matter what your current fitness level.

Our running coaches and health coaches  develop customized training plans based on getting to know you and your life and goals. Whether you are new to running or want to improve your existing level of fitness the benefits of our expertise and guidance (not just the training plans created for you) will help you to run healthy and run happy.

Our running coaching and health coaching is customized to your needs and abilities. We coach new runners looking to complete their first 5k, experienced runners looking to improve their endurance and speed, athletes working toward Boston Marathon qualifying and even 100 Mile Ultra Marathoners.

One on one coaching ensures you get the most from your training. We will help you develop race strategies, teach you how and when to make schedule adjustments and work with you to optimize your nutrition to keep you performing at and feeling your best.

Check out our Services page for more information on how our running coaching and health coaching can help you reach your full potential.

For more information on our running coaches check out The Team to read their bios.